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BCL’s “Bearcat Pick ‘Em” Louisville

It’s a huge week in the BCL “Bearcat Pick ‘Em” Contest as five of our six contestants share the lead with one point each, but because no one correctly predicted the winner of last week’s Toledo game, this week’s winner will receive two points (instead of the customary one) and therefore, surge into the lead. However, after the loss to the Rockets, our prognosticators don’t feel particularly confident that the Bearcats will go on the road and knock off the nationally ranked Cardinals.

Here are this week’s predictions:

Brian Lambert (Kowboy)
When Rod Tidwell's desire to play the game was questioned by Jerry Maguire, Rod Tidwell replied, "I'm all heart mother@#$%&!" and so are the Bearcats. Cincinnati wins. Proud of you #13.

Cincinnati 27 Louisville 24 (Cincinnati +3)

Keith Stichtenoth (Fitzwalter)
While I have no doubt that both squads will be sufficiently motivated to play such an intense matchup, Louisville has the mental edge -- sensing an historic season is theirs for the taking and getting a wounded UC team at home with a chance to end the Keg streak. But I also think it’s a matter of who has more bullets to fire (and who avoids the misfires). We’ll miss Walter Stewart even more than in the last game, especially with Bridgewater playing at a fairly high level already. Louisville is running well too. And on the other side of the ball, their aggressive defensive tendencies paired with playmakers in their defensive backfield is a combination that makes me queasy. (Would it be OK for a UC fan to barf all over their bird at midfield? Would that upset classy Cardinal Nation?)

Louisville 28 Cincinnati 13 (Louisville +15)

Howard Kaplan (Hercules)
There are many variables to be considered when predicting scores. In this case, for reasons too lengthy to go into, all signs point toward Louisville with the advantage. Forgive my mixed metaphors, but to me this game represents the perfect storm for the wheels to fall off the Bearcat bus. The good news is that Louisville will be the low point on the schedule and we’ll regroup, playing better football the rest of the season.

Louisville 41 Cincinnati 17 (Louisville +24)

Craig Black (Cincy Bearcat)
Honestly I was worried about this game before Stewart's injury and the Toledo game and now... To win, UC must establish a potent running game, win the turnover ratio, and control the time of possession. I believe Munchie will play better, but sadly I don't think he will out-play Bridgewater. UC plays a great game, but it’s not enough.

Louisville 34 Cincinnati 28 (Louisville +6)

Michael Boston (michaelboston)
Coming off of a very difficult loss to swallow... an even tougher matchup for the Cats happens on Friday night. All eyes will be on Munchie Legaux to see if he can improve upon what has been a less than impressive season so far IMO. I do think UC finally doesn't come out flat and may even score first in this one. Ultimately though, I think too many mistakes will be the reason for back to back losses.

Louisville 31 Cincinnati 21 (Louisville +10)

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