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BCL’s “Bearcat Pick ‘Em”- Rutgers

With only three weeks remaining in this contest, Craig Black will try and add to his 2.5 point lead, but several others are still within striking distance. As our contestants again look into their crystal balls, everyone agrees the Bearcats will win, but everyone also sees a very close game.

Here are this week’s predictions.

Brian Lambert (Kowboy)[b]

The legendary once and future Big East champs, the Cincinnati Bearcats, lead by Sir Kay, will smote the Scarlet Knights in that legendary bright and shining place, Nippert Stadium. My classes are reading parts of Le Morte De Arthur this week. A coincidence, I think not. Get ‘em #13.

Cincinnati 27 Rutgers 24 (Cincinnati +3)

[b]Keith Stichtenoth (Fitzwalter)

Rutgers. RUT-gers. The very name sounds like someone getting sick in the next room. The very idea of Rutgers getting a toehold on the Big East’s BCS berth thanks to a win in the middle of our campus makes me want to get sick in THIS room. And I don’t want that to happen, because then I’d have to clean it up. But I don’t think our Bearcat lads will let it come to that. The Scarlet Knights may roll in here with guys named Ka’Lial (wasn’t that Superman’s father?), Khaseem, Quron, Gareef, Quanzell and Mezo, but to paraphrase the commercial for shiny precious valuables, “Every successful conference stretch run begins with Kay.” (Sing it with me!)

Cincinnati 23 Rutgers 21 (Cincinnati +2)

Howard Kaplan (Hercules)

Make no mistake, Rutgers can go toe-to-toe with us talent-wise. That said, I believe we will win based on the home crowd as well as our high confidence level and momentum going into the game. I hope that OC Bajakian comes up with an innovative game plan that exploits Kay’s ability to make the long pass. The formula for winning should take advantage of Rutgers’ unfamiliarity with Kay, mixed in with a heavy dose of running George Winn. Needless to say, our defense and special teams must also perform well for us to get the W. Should be a great game!

Cincinnati 31 Rutgers 27 (Cincinnati +4)

Craig Black (Cincy Bearcat)

The big game is upon us - Cincy is in control of their destiny, and they get a chance to do so at home. Cincinnati has been here before and knows what to do and how to deal with it. UC's offense found new life and a passing game behind Brandon Kay, and one has to think they will only get better. UC's defense has been stout and will play inspired on Saturday. I am predicting a special teams TD which will help in leading the 'Cats to a win.

Cincinnati 30 Rutgers 24 (Cincinnati +6)

Michael Boston (michaelboston)

Huge game at the Nip Saturday afternoon. With renewed hopes of yet another Big East Championship and possibly even a BCS bowl birth back in play.... I expect nothing less than Cincinnat's " A " game. This is also the biggest test for Kay to date so it will be very interesting to see how he handles it. I believe he will be just fine.

Cincinnati 27 Rutgers 20 (Cincinnati +7)

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