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BCL’s “Bearcat Pick ‘Em”- Syracuse

After last week’s prediction that earned Craig Black two points due to the rollover from the Toledo loss, the Western Hills’ football coach has reclaimed his position atop our group of astute prognosticators, but several can close the gap to one point by correctly picking today’s victor and having the closest point differential.

This week’s predictions are some of the most interesting and entertaining to date. In fact, one contestant had to overcome the damage from Hurricane Sandy just to get his entry delivered on time.
Here are this week’s predictions.

Brian Lambert (Kowboy)

Knock, Knock. . .Who's there?. . Orange. . .Orange Who?. . Orange going to take a whooping in the Nip. Go #13

Cincinnati 31 Syracuse 24 (Cincinnati +7)

Keith Stichtenoth (Fitzwalter)

While the Bearcats are circling the wagons and re-revving their engines (if that’s not mixing my centuries too much), at this point I’d rather see someone other than Syracuse come in for a nooner. Like last week, I am swayed by a hard reality facing UC right now: With Walter Stewart and a seemingly more in-control dual-threat Munchie Legaux, UC was 5-0, with a couple of inspiring wins over Pitt and Virginia Tech and a pair of underwhelming FCS wins. (Miami is, well, Miami.) But without Walter and with a messier Munchie, UC is 0-2 – granted in true away games against good teams, but we saw what we saw. Doug Marrone brought an underrated crate of Oranges into Nippert two years ago; instead of being UC’s Homecoming patsy, they pushed the Bearcats down and took their lunch money, making for a bunch of glum alums. If Teddy Bridgewater isn’t the BIG EAST’s best QB, that’s because Ryan Nassib probably is. (Just please don’t ask our guy about that.) Saturday could be a squirt in the eye. Hope not.

Syracuse 23 Cincinnati 21 (Syracuse +2)

Howard Kaplan (Hercules)

I am without power, phone, email, internet etc., but as today's the deadline, I
found a way to get you my prediction for the week.

Cincinnati 30 Syracuse 27 (Cincinnati +3)

Craig Black (Cincy Bearcat)

Bounce back time for the Bearcats. This game is at home, the shock of Walter Stewart's injury should be worn off by now, and it’s a Ring of Red game. Syracuse is an improving team, and by no means will this game be a push-over, but all that being said, UC is the more talented team. This week's game will reveal a lot about the character, pride, and heart of the team - fans are questioning the players and the coaches, and their backs are against the wall. I believe in the
coaches and players of our beloved Bearcats.

Cincinnati 34 Syracuse 21 (Cincinnati +13)

Michael Boston (michaelboston)

This is a game we should win. Three weeks ago, I was not at all worried about Syracuse. Now, all of a sudden... I'm a bit nervous.

Cincinnati 24 Syracuse 21 (Cincinnati +3)

*Whoever has accumulated the most points at the end of the regular season will win a free year’s subscription to Bearcat Lair.

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