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Bearcats Drop Second In A Row

The No. 23 Pittsburgh Panthers traveled to Cincinnati Saturday for a rematch vs. the No. 17 Bearcats. Cincinnati won the previous meeting in Pittsburgh, which was also the Big East opener. Cincinnati followed an impressive first half with an awful display in the second to give the hot Panthers their 20th win of the season. The 62-52 defeat was Cincinnati’s first loss by double digits this season and it occurred in front of a near full house of 12,478.

Cincinnati started out hot and looked very fluid on offense and defense, which resulted in a 31-26 half time lead.

Sean Kilpatrick was 5 of 8 and led the Bearcats with 15 points. The Bearcats funk on offense seemed to be a thing of the past as there was a lot of ball movement and penetration from nearly all the guards. Pittsburgh was led by Talib Zanna, who had 7 points. Steven Adams added 3 blocks and was perfect from the field with 5 points.

The second half was the complete opposite for the Bearcats, as they were outscored 36 to 21 in the half. Justin Jackson was absent as he got hurt late in the first half, and it seemed like the Cincinnati offense left with Jackson. Although Cincinnati seemed to still be penetrating and passing, the Bearcats could not hit a shot, whether it was open or contested.

The Bearcats were shooting 40% before the half, but ended up shooting 5-25 from the field in the second half and ended the game on an unbelievable 9:21 drought with no field goals. Sean Kilpatrick alone shot 0 for 7 while Cashmere Wright was 2 for 9 in the second half. Kilpatrick had 15 at the half and scored his only second half point with 4:55 remaining on a free throw, he finished the game with 16. He was the only Bearcat in double figures.

Pittsburgh was led by the solid play of Center Steven Adams, who shot 5 for 6 from the field and added 4 blocks. Talib Zanna and Tray Woodall also added 11 and 14 points respectively at an efficient rate.

Even though Pittsburgh only scored 62 points, Coach Mick Cronin was very upset with Cincinnati’s defense. Coach Cronin said after the game, “The tougher team won. They were more physical and solid on the defensive end.” Hard to argue with Coach, especially after Pittsburgh shot 50% from the field in the 2nd half. They didn’t score a lot of points, but they were very efficient on the offensive end.

Although Cincinnati won the rebounding battle 33 to 30, Mick Cronin was very upset with the toughness and effort on the boards.

“We didn’t have an offensive rebound till under the 5 minute mark in the second half,” Cronin said after the loss. “It’s unacceptable.”

11 offensive rebounds isn’t a terrible total, but clearly when the team is shooting that poorly Coach Cronin expects a better effort on the boards.

Coach summed tonight up well in the presser, “There’s a difference between giving effort and giving effort required to win a game.”

Cincinnati (18-6, 6-5) now looks forward to an 8 pm tip on Tuesday vs. Villanova.

  • This team is not very good. They have no offense and once again the game was micro managed by mick. I like mick a lot. He knows basketball. He cannot coach offense. Take a page from Pitino and let them run! Why play 11 guys if you arent going to press and run? Makes no sense. Its hard to watch. As bad as the offense is, the team is just mediocre talent wise. Hopefully that changes soon. 52 points, coming off of 50. Wow!

  • Eric Lilly

    I disagree, I think the offense was better yesterday (execution wise), they just missed the open shots. I think we've seen improvement over the last few weeks offensively & will continue to see it these next few weeks - hopefully they pull it together by March.

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  • For me, the offense is dismal at best. Providence offered some hope - in that we started passing on the interior more effectively. However, yesterday was awful. Missed shots are killing us. Providence was missed FTs, yesterday it was missed open 3s. Make one or two, and different ballgame, but you cannot win the in BE scoring under 60. We might win one here are or there, but you have to get to 60. The problem is that we've relied on Cash and SK too much in this rut. And guys like Rubles and Jackson, we need them to make the 15 footers to extend the defense. Those guys miss a shot, and lose all confidence.

    To have two dismal shooting games in Providence and Pitt, and still have an opportunity in the final 2 minutes, says a lot about our defense. However, I do think we we need to run more, we are the only team in the BE who settles for the half court game.

  • They might hit shots if they got good, open shots. They do the dumbass ball screen, interchange guards from 30 feet out, stand around and chuck threes. Nobody hits threes every night as a team. How about get a transition bucket or a good look 15 feet in. I cannot believe how bad it is. I hate getting messages from friends who are fans of other teams that are ripping UC's offense. The last field goal made last night was at the 9 minute mark. Is that right? Nice progress.

  • The team shows periods of smart basketball where they attack the rim, drive and dish, make the extra pass, etc, but then they suddenly go to stupid mode and just pass it nonchalantly around the perimeter until someone jacks up a 3.

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  • This team struggled offensively when Cash was near 100%. He is obviously hurt and is a shell of his former self offensively. They are getting almost nothing from the 1, 4, and 5 positions offensively. It's hard to win that way. Defense will only get you so far. Maybe the answer is to sit Cash for a few games and get him closer to 100% healthy. That may also force some others to step up like Sanders, Guyn, Thomas, Rubles... someone else has to score, and get confidence. I'm not sure SK and Parker can give us anymore than they already are. We have to find another consistent scorer somewhere.

  • I think Parker is about to really turn it up. Biased opinion yes, because he is my favorite player on the team, but I just feel like he really plays clutch in Feb and March since he has been at UC. Thinking all the way back to when he was running the point his freshmen year at the end of the season and last year as well. I think a couple days of rest and SK will be ok. Maybe not 100% but hopefully his finger will not be too bad anymore. Any word on Jackson yet? Also, I think we need to consider changing our rotations and playing a run and gun rotation that attacks the rim. One thing I saw yesterday was that maybe Guyn can attack the rim a bit? Seems very confident going to the rim just not a great jumper. My idea is go small and fast with

    Cash, Guyn, SK, Parker and Jackson or Gaines for just a small stretch and really wear a team down. Gaines and Jackson can run the floor well. Also, Shaq Thomas could go in for Guyn and Thomas could play the 4.

    Just my idea of a way to maybe spark more fast breaks and quick buckets.

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  • Honestly I wasnt that concerned after the Providence loss since I saw that game as a trap game. After the last loss I was first upset since I feel like we can play better and should play better. After thinking about it though with SK having the dislocated finger and not hitting a shot after that, Cash isnt 100% and you can tell by his play on the court, Jaquon had the ankle injury which slowed him, and Justin didnt play the second half because of his injury. Thats 4 starters hurt. Even though they all played through the injuries with an exception to JJ, its still enough to change the offense and how we play considering we dont have a lot of wiggle room with our offense how it is now. I also heard Rubles wasnt 100% recovered from his flu yet so basically its 5 people on our team thats not 100%. This team needs a run to get their confidence back up and I hope we can get it together for the Villanova game tomorrow.

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  • Stewie welcome to the Lair! I was thinking the same thing about injuries yesterday. Forgot about Parker though and didn't want to assume anything about Titus. I think it all comes down to getting more looks in the paint and getting more FT's. Hopefully SK and Titus will be back to 100% tomorrow. Parker and Cash will continue to play through their injuries because I don't think we can afford to have them out. Parker seems ok, just keeps twisting that same ankle every couple games. I'm worried about Jackson because I still haven't seen much talk about the injury.

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  • It feels like there's several things wrong with this team on the offensive end. I think this team is elite defensively, but very mediocre on offense. The first problem is that we have absolutely no transition offense. I honestly can't remember the last time we have had one. Probably around 2003.

    Another problem we seem to have is that we don't have much of a post game. It feels like SK passes to Cashmere and they just pass it back and forth until they find a lane or someone open for a three. You rarely see them pass it into the low block. During the Notre Dame game the announcer called it perfectly. He said UC will always have a tough time beating Notre Dame because UC has to guard five Notre Dame players and Notre Dame has to guard three UC players.

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