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Butch Jones Q&A 8/20

After Saturday morning's practice coach Jones met with members of the media to talk about the differences between this year and last year's camp.

Here is what he had to say.

Q. Would you say that this year is a more physical camp then last year?

A. We have tried to make the physicality a big part of camp its just part of the mental conditioning. We have made no bones about it. We need to have more of a hard edge and more of a physical presence. Its not just full tackling sessions its how you thud. Thud is how you block on the perimeter. It’s a whole function of being physical. We have taken strides but are in no way in game shape or ready yet. You really find out about the physicality of a football team on the way they perform on special teams.

Q. Have there been any more changes in your camp from this year to last year?

A. I think our players are in much better shape. Now they have been in our program for about a year. We really added a lot of size and strength. I think our players have been able to handle the volume and workload much better then last year. The first time since being here we usually go about 25 periods, which are a little over 2 hours. One night we cut it short to about 20 periods. Then we blew the double horn and our kids kind of looked at me like your joking right. Last year they probably would’ve sprinted to the 50-yard line and been done. It’s all just a mentality, work volume and standard of which we are going to go out and approach each and everyday.

Q. Are you happy with the way your right side of the offensive line is developing?

A. I don’t look at it as right of left side. Its five individuals coming together to play as one and we aren’t there yet. Our biggest concerns right now is who is going to be number six, seven, eight. Who is the next guy in if somebody goes down? Hopefully we will take a great step in finding who number six, seven, eight is when we scrimmage tonight.

  • As Tim Has already noted in earlier posts..The starting O-line looks to be solidified, and it would be a surprise to see anything different on opening day baring injuries..It's all about the 2's & 3's making a push for playing time. Looks to me like they will look for that guy who can be the swing tackle, as well as a guard and center who'll be the next man in at those specific positions along the line...BTW BJ is really running an incredible up tempo practice...Dave Lawson, and mike S. have done a good job getting these guys ready for camp...The big difference in training begets the difference's in the way this staff approaches it's scheme as opposed to the former staff.

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