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Camp: Butch Jones Q&A Day 8/22

Butch Jones met with members of the media following Monday's morning practice. Find out what he had to say about the backup QB job.

Q. How do feel about your team right now? Have you made progress since you have been out here at Higher Ground?

A. I think we have progressed. We aren’t game ready yet. You never know until you really hit the lights. We will have a lot of individuals playing for the first time. So, I will know a little bit more of where we are after the Austin Peay game. We are right where I thought we needed to be. The only thing is that we need to have a sense of urgency. That is still finding depth. The defensive line has not progressed the way we would have wanted to by this point. We have to pick it up. The same thing goes for both interior lines. We need to continue to develop.

Q. Running is a very important part of practice. Players are always running between periods. Players are told never to walk during practice. How important is setting that running mentality since you run the no huddle offense?

A. It’s the mentality that we will never walk onto the field. If it’s done right, we don’t have to condition after practice. That is our conditioning. Everything is about conditioning the body and mind. It’s the way we want to play not just on offense, but defense. Then special teams you must train yourself. It’s just a mentality of everything we do in our program.

Q. Has anybody emerged as your number two quarterback yet?

A. Still an on going process. Right now it’s between Jordan Luallen and Munchie Legaux. That’s because Brendon Kay has been slowed with some injuries. We expect to have Brendon back in a week or two. Brendon just has a sore arm. It’s going to be an on going process. We are looking for somebody who will have total command of the offense, be able to manage, and not make mistakes.

Q. Do you still expect to name your backup quarterback the week of the Austin Peay game?

A. Yes, but that will be for that game. It’s going to be an on going process the course of the season.

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