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Freshmen make public debut

On Saturday afternoon, fans of the University of Cincinnati were given their first chance to get a look at the incoming freshman of the class of 2011.

Ge'Lawn Guyn

The SLATS, as in years past, featured many of the Bearcats' incoming freshman along with two returning members of the team. The freshman in attendance were Jermaine Sanders, Jeremiah Davis, Shaquille Thomas, and Ge' Lawn Guyn.

In their first game of the summer summer, the SLATS took on the SuperiorCars.comteam and, unfortunately, lost by final score of 68-63.

No stats were available immediately after the game, so instead I'll give my first impression for each of the new guys who saw action.

Shaquille Thomas: Athlete. From the very start, it was clear that Thomas planned to establish himself as the next in a great line of athletic finishers to come through Cincinnati. As you'll see on the highlight tape, it didn't take long for Thomas to impress the crowd with his artistic slams. On top of his finishing ability, Thomas showed decent shooting and some pretty nice dribble moves in translation, although he did look sloppy with the ball at times.


Jeremiah Davis - Davis may have looked more solid than anyone, although not quite as flashy. He showed finishing ability, and a better shooting touch than anyone else on the court. While he may not have done a whole lot great, he didn't really do a whole lot wrong and showed what I thought was a solid basketball IQ for someone his age.

Ge' Lawn Guyn - Overall, the most promising looking freshman in terms of an immediate impact. He showed he was a great side-to-side player, and was able to manage the game well. I loved his driving ability and jump shot, but what really impressed me was his passing. All of his passes were accurate and strong. I didn't see a single lazy pass leave his hands. On top of that, he wanted the ball in his hands, and when he got it he tended to make things happen.

Jermaine Sanders - Jermaine probably made the least noise of any of the newcomers, but that doesn't mean he didn't show flashes of his ability. Most noticeably present was his ability to finish and his strength.

As always, anything you see in the Deveroe's Summer League should be taken with a grain of salt. The atmosphere fails to replicate anything similar to what you'd see in an actual game. However, in any situation, talent does show. Even if Saturday was nothing more than an eye test for the 2011 Bearcat freshman, even despite ending up on the wrong end of the scoreboard, I'd say they passed with flying colors.

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