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Senior O-Linemen Reflect on Careers

The three senior offensive linemen (Randy Martinez, Evan Davis and Alex Hoffman) spent a few minutes after Wednesday’s practice to reflect on the careers in a ten question Q & A.

Randy Martinez

What are your thoughts as you approach your final game at Nippert Stadium?

Martinez: It’s going to be very sentimental. It’s a great place to play and one of the oldest in the country. My parents will be here so it’s going to be very emotional for me.

Davis: I want to make it something to remember. This will be for a Big East championship, and I want to be able to look back on it with pride. This is the 2011 team, and I want us to be remembered.

Hoffman: It’s kind of crazy that we’re playing for a championship in our last game. We’d like it to be a sellout. This will be our last game in Nippert Stadium. It’s been seventy some days since we played here. It’s going to be exciting. I can’t wait.

What is your best career memory as a Bearcat?

Martinez: I’d say the game three years (2008) to win the Big East championship against Pitt and go to the Orange Bowl. The students were throwing oranges on the field. That was a big game for us, and it meant a lot to the whole university.

Davis: I’ll say Pitt too (in 2009) when the snow was falling and Sweet Caroline came on. That’s a great memory for sure.

Hoffman: Beating Pitt at Pitt (2009).

Evan Davis

What is your worst memory as a Bearcat?

Martinez: I’ll go with the Pittsburgh game from last year. That was a tough loss to take.

Davis: We were really close to the seniors last year, and seeing those guys final at 4-8 wasn’t much fun. That would be the worst memory for me, and the bus ride home from Tennessee. We thought that was a team we should have beat. It was heart breaking for us.

Hoffman: Losing to Pittsburgh last year in the snow. Finishing our season at 4-8 and not going to a bowl game.

What is your funniest memory?

Martinez: I’ll have to go with Jordan (Luallen) falling at the 1-yard-line two times in a row. He might end up on ESPN not Top 10 on Friday.

Davis: I agree with Jordan falling at the 1-yard-line, but it wasn’t funny at the time.

Hoffman: The funniest memory was two years ago. We had a tradition on the offensive line of attacking someone in the team’s hotel. C. J. (Cobb) and Hooey always got the brunt of it, and (Jason) Kelce and Link(enbach) would lead the attack.

Alex Hoffman

What game this season stands out?

Martinez: N.C. St because of the way we played.

Davis: N.C. St.

Hoffman: N.C. St.

What game this year would you most like to forget?

Martinez: I would say Rutgers. As a whole, I don’t think we came to play that day.

Davis: I’ll say Rutgers too.

Hoffman: Rutgers this year was probably the most frustrating game I played in.

Other than another senior, which teammate will you miss the most?

Martinez: I’d say Hooey. He’s hilarious.

Davis: Buj(noch) has been playing right beside us, and really all the offensive linemen. As you know, the offensive line is always pretty tight. I’m going to miss those guys next year for sure.

Hoffman: I’d say Dan Giordano.

What is your most cherished UC possession?

Martinez: Even though it was bad luck, I’ll say my white helmet from the Sugar Bowl. I love that thing.

Davis: Definitely our (championship) rings.

Hoffman: My third ring.

What was your best performance as a Bearcat?

Martinez: It might be N.C. St. That was one of my best performances.

Davis: I’m going to say N.C. St. That was one of my standout games. I had the most knockdowns and graded out the highest.

Hoffman: (Hoffman struggled to come up with an answer so Martinez “helped” him.) “Come on Mr. I Started 30 Some Games. Then Davis also chimed in, “He’s big timing it.”

Where do you stand academically?

Martinez: I’ve already graduated. I’m in graduate school and will have my MBA in the summer of 2012.

Davis: I’m in a five year program so I still have a year after this one. I’m in civil construction engineering.

Hoffman: I’m already a graduate. I graduated in pre-med biological sciences.

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